Sharing of custom albums

In the parent section you can use the envelope icon to package an album into a file, which you can send by email, AirDrop, upload to Google Drive, iCloud, post on your web, or do anything else available on your device. In any case, such data will leave Edudadoo and it's entirely upon you to make sure who will have them.

You can easily open these album files in Edudadoo. The app will ask you to pass through the parent section gate and to confirm the new pictures. This will either add a new album or you can merge the new pictures with any of your existing albums. If you already have an album of the same name, the app will offer to merge with it automatically.

Tip: If the Edudadoo app does not open after receiving the file, try to forward it to the app using sharing. The option usually appears after clicking on the file, holding your finger on it, or clicking on an icon with three dots. Google Drive offers the “Open in” option.

Our Library, where you can find various additional albums, works on the same principle. If you want to show off some of your cool albums, we can arrange to display it there too.

Edudadoo does not provide a custom cloud at the moment. Processing of data related to children is burdened by extreme bureaucracy.

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